Dedicated Warehousing

Warehousing 2

We operate from a distribution hub in the Industrial Area of Islamabad which is the capital city of Pakistan,  with 105,000 square feet of warehousing space. That’s storage for the equivalent of over 20,000 pallets.

Health & Safety is always a priority and our storage areas conform to all guidelines including a bespoke caged racking section to comply with the legislation regarding storage of aerosols.

Our bespoke warehousing stock system allows processing of products in and out, quickly and efficiently with full reporting transparency. Our flexible processes allow us to accept stock regardless of load size or lead time.

Bespoke Logistics Packages


We are proud of the speed and efficiency we can deploy in the collection and redistribution of stock, when our suppliers and customers require pick and delivery within specific timeframes. Over the years we have developed longstanding and loyal working relationships with the specialist contractors we employ to collect and redistribute stock across the UK, Europe and further afield.

Our quality criteria mean that only hauliers who meet our exacting requirements are used and relied upon to transport our stock.

Compliance & Re-Processing


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As a responsible company we know that legislation, safety controls and labeling regulations are constantly under review in different markets, sectors and countries. It’s important to us that the brand owners continue to protect their brand and that our valued customers remain fully compliant throughout the sales process.

We promise that no goods will ever be sold by us, until fully compliant with all the labelling regulations for their intended distribution market.

Our associate company, Exova has considerable expertise in this field and provides us with advice on product descriptions, labelling laws, product liability and any other legal matter requiring clarification.

We have long standing relationships with specialist contractors and vast experience of ensuring any relabeling, re-packaging or re-processing of stock is carried out quickly, correctly and according to our internal QA processes.

We can advise on individual territory requirements and stock can either be simply relabelled or whole new labels produced, within the statutory requirements of the appropriate marketplace.

Original labels and new artwork can be returned and consumers will be unaware of any of the changes that have been made.