Our Values




Our values are integrated and general for everything we are doing here in CGT. They are common denominators, and have to be anchored in the way we are working. Our values help us to reach our goals and vision, and to stay focused every day.


The values characterizing CGT are:



We must accept challenges and solve them and thereby attain respect; as a professional company and as individuals in general. Our corporate culture shall originate in mutual respect; towards our business partners, our professional tasks and internally colleague-to-colleague within our organisation.




We must never lean back and let satisfaction with obtained results become our attitude. Our corporate culture shall be accompanied by a will to improve and do better. Better than others – and better than we did last time.



As a company and as individuals we shall be positively curios towards our business environment. By constantly acquiring new and better knowledge, we shall secure our customers and vendors the best collaboration, where all dimensions of our mutual tasks are taken into consideration at all times.




Positive spirit


It must be fun to work! Every day we are top-serious and professional, yet it is important that we maintain room for our sense of humor and mutual smiles; both internally and towards our business partners. We believe that smiling and laughing is an invaluable part of our working day and in this respect, we very much believe in ‘what you give is what you get’. By maintaining this culture, we believe that we can continue to be our employees’ preferred hobby.

Above four values are characterized for CGT today, and it is important that all employees live them out every day during work.

CGT’s vision

Our values shall be implemented in everything we do. These values shall lead us to our vision, which is to be our business partners:

First choice

Through exceptional service we want to be our customer’s first choice. Through first-class service and branding, we want to achieve a leading position, as the group or company who is our customers’ first choice when they need the services we supply.
Our vision and core values are deeply rooted in our history and culture which are being reflected in the way we carry out our daily business.

CGT’s relationship with all stakeholders shall be characterized by mutual respect. Mutual respect in which we strive to earn from leading a professional business style.